Runner Info

  • The timing chip is attached to the front of your race number.

  • The number with the chip MUST be worn on your chest.

  • Your temporary license (should you need one) must be worn on your back.
  • Please Do Not Bend/Fold/Crumple race number on your chest as this could damage the timing chip.

  • We encourage you to dress up or wear your event T-shirt.
  • If you belong to a club, we can’t force you to wear the event T-shirt, but be sure to check with your club first. 
  • Please remember to wear your permanent license number on the front of your shirt with the event race number over it as indicated in the image below.

ASA License

  • Stay away from high fibre meals, curries and exotic food.

  • Lay your running kit or costume and race goodies out the night before so that you don’t forget anything.

  • Pin race number to the front of your race day shirt with provided safety pins.

  • Set 2 alarm clocks. Even though the race starts at 08h00.

  • Get a good night’s sleep.

NO number collection on Race Day!

To be confirmed.

  • On event day follow the signage to your start chute.
  • Runners must line up in their correct start chute.
  • Runners will be put into batches and allocated a start chute.
  • A can move to B but B cannot move up to A.
  • Wheelchairs will have a separate chute.

The event will have 20 entertainment and encouragement points along the route.

This will be announced closer to race day.

Stillwater Sports Event Tee Graded Spec
Ladies Tee
Measuring Point | Sizes XS S M L XL
1/2 Bust 2cm below armhole 41 42.5 46 49.5 53
1/2 Waist 18cm below armhole 37 38.5 42 45.5 49
1/2 Hem straight across 45 46.5 50 53.5 57
Mens Tee
Measuring Point | Sizes XS S M L XL XXL
1/2 Bust 2cm below armhole 47 49 53 57 61 65
1/2 Waist 18cm below armhole 47.5 49.5 53.5 57.5 61.5 65.5
1/2 Hem straight across 69 70 72 74 76 79


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